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Studist Corporation.SRE・Product Tech Lead・R&D2018/10 ~
茨谷企画(BARATANI KIKAKU) - Self employment2019/01 ~
Labee LLCCEO2024/04 ~
Time Intermedia Inc.Tech Lead・Engineer・PM Support2013/06 ~ 2018/09

Work Experience

Since 2013/06 to 2018/09, I was engaged in the development, operation, maintenance, and construction of various mission-critical systems and web services at Time Intermedia Inc. as well as training team members and supporting PMs.

Since 2018/10, at Studist Inc., I have been involved in the launch, operation, maintenance, development support, construction, availability and performance improvement of various services operated by Studist, training and supporting independent development teams, providing tools to streamline operations, reviewing the overall service architecture and decision-making.

Since 2019/01, I have been providing development and operational support to other companies as a sole proprietor while concurrently working as a company employee.

  • 2019/01 ~
    Support for Development and operation of web services

    茨谷企画(BARATANI KIKAKU) - Self employment

    As a sole proprietor, I assist various companies in the development and operation of web services. For more information, please check the link.

  • 2023/03 ~
    Head of Product Tech Lead

    Studist Corporation.

    Has finally responsibility and decision-making for technical decisions in specific products and for the technical aspects of roadmap realization. Provides recommendations and support for technical decisions that are not limited to a specific product, but that cut across the entire organization.

  • 2019/06 ~ 2020/12
    Migration of services to container platforms

    Studist Corporation.

    We built and deployed various internal services, including services that have been developed and operated since 2013, using containers from development to production. We switched from EC2 to EKS infrastructure without shutting down the service.

  • 2021/01 ~ 2021/06
    Support for launching new services

    Studist Corporation.

    I was working on the cloud infrastructure, development environment, and CI/CD for a new service launch. The service was developed in Clojure, but since the company's standard APM did not support Ring, we had to implement middleware to support it for the company.

    • 2018/10 ~
      Support for other teams and organizations

      Studist Corporation.

      As an Enabling SRE and Tech Lead, we provide consultation and support for decision making based on container technology, systems, and various architectures, how to create applications and infrastructure with post-release operations in mind, and development and operations as needed.

      • 2015/01 ~ 2018/06
        Development and operation of core systems and VOD web services


        In the beginning, I developed a core system for managing contents as a development member, and from the middle of the project, I was engaged in the design and development of web services for general users as a development leader. From the middle of the project, I was also engaged in the development and operation of web services in the same family.

        • 2014/02 ~ 2014/12
          Development and operation of qualification management system

          TIMEINTERMEDIA, Inc.

          I worked on development as a development member, and after release, I worked on development and operations as a development leader. It was a good opportunity to learn about projects I have been involved in since my part-time job, Git, Ruby on Rails, multi-person development and execution, and project management. I learned about the attitude of reporting bugs in the libraries we use, and I also introduced and practiced test-driven development to prevent this from happening.

          • 2013/06 ~ 2014/01
            Development of secondhand goods e-commerce service

            TIMEINTERMEDIA, Inc.

            At the time, I was working almost full-time in development as a part-time student worker. I learned about the tools and concepts used in development at the time. I also learned about Spring Framework, service performance, Git, Mercurial, and other technologies for the first time.


            NameAcquired Date
            Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination2012/04
            Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination2012/11
            Information Security Specialist Examination2013/05